Teachings from Rose and Snowdrop

I tend to find Winter difficult. Harsh and hard going. Stretching on disproportionately with Spring and Autumn seeming to pass in one breath.

I had a different experience this year. I paid attention. And what I noticed surprised me.

The photo above of the Rose and the Moon was taken in my garden at sunrise. It was around mid December. It was another few days before the frozen Roses bid farewell. I had been harvesting the petals during summer and drying them and found it amazing that in mid December, they were still on show, joyfully embracing the the frost which beautified them even further.

Barely six weeks later and this beautiful little Snowdrop emerged. I think this is the first year I have seen this in my garden. I realised that it was such a short time between Rose disappearing and Snowdrop appearing. Such a brief pause. I had always felt winter was a long and arduous affair and yet when I luxuriated in the creamy, soft light of the time and honoured the pause of the Sun at Solstice and many other moment by moment ceremonies, winter became beautiful, nourishing and certainly seemed more brief.

This was wonderful teaching and medicine for me from these beautiful plant allies, but there was more.

At this stage I would like to point something out…in the photo of the Rose at the top of this post, if you look closely, you might see yellow and white rectangles. If you look a little closer still you might notice the rectangles are on corrugated metal grids. This is an 1100v electrical power substation. It’s about 10 feet from the Rose bushes.

I mention this because, as I stared with delight at the Snowdrop when it appeared seemingly in an instant, I realised that it had grown in stones. There was no soil as such for it to root into. It also emerged about 15 feet from the substation.

Then on another day while I was admiring it’s elegant posture I noticed how close the oil tank was…

I had a realisation about the inherent power of nature and the desire for life…to live. These wonderful messengers seemed to be unperturbed by these features in their surroundings. They were focussed on living, growing and being beautiful.

I have had visions of the apparatus used to conduct power being natural, perhaps crystal based, and the frequencies emitted in harmony with life and I feel that this could be a reality.

And in the meantime nature, which is us living women and men too, have an abundance of rich nourishment from our Mother Earth, Father Sun and each other and beyond…all of life. I really get a sense that if we truly honour these gifts and enter into relationship offering our embodied gifts from a place of true power and with love and devotion then the inorganic elements that seem to pervade in the current transition time are less significant than they may appear.

I am grateful for the teachings that came through from my plant allies. I will be more aware of what are ideas I have been lead to believe and what is organic, living truth.

2 responses to “Teachings from Rose and Snowdrop”

  1. I love this, Nina. Yes, nature always wins. And everything is part of our electromagnetic field. X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Shelly… Shakti Rules! X


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