Let the journey begin by whispering prayers to the Ancestors and witnessing some Nature Magic.

(Poems and photos by me)

Dancing Bud


Lush green beings
Froth and slide
Slate grey that sparkles in wet
Fragrant, pungent
Elemental Elders
Wisdom in sinews
Knowledge pulsing
A potent pattern re-emerging
Nourished and nurtured I bow

(Nina 2020)

Limbs outstretched to embrace


We share ancestors you and I
It’s not obvious from the names whispered forward in stories
Our shades shimmer differently in the sun
Our tongues curl around songs of a particular place
Raise your gaze, turn out your ear
One, two, ten thousand years
A beat. A rhythm. An exhalation.
She breathes and we breathe with Her
She moves and we move
And beyond Her?
Our Mother’s Mother?
We share ancestors you and I

(Nina 2020)

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